Northern Mining Lab Translation Service

A website or a whitepaper is the first thing that your investors see. Russian language is one of the most sophisticated among the world languages. That’s why we do our best to provide our translations high quality both in terms of techniques and linguistic beauty. Unfortunately, not all of our colleagues understand that. We make texts as if your investors have made transaction personally to us, and as if we are the part of your ICO team.
Finest quality, stylistics and grammar perfection is that we value most. We care of growing returns of our supported projects.

List of latest supported projects:

Contacts: \ @Egorr4

Translations of websites, whitepapers, news and announcements of your projects can be performed by Egorr4 and Mike

Egor is the crypto enthusiast, investor and bountyhunter. He translates, writes articles and analyses the investment projects.

Mike is an interpreter with experience, got a degree in the translation in NARFU University, took part in many translation projects.